Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1st roadtrip....denver

Jared's cousin, Christian, got married in the Denver Temple last Friday and we made the 8 hour drive to attend. It was Libby's very first road trip and she was PERFECT! Really...she loved the car. Barely made a peep. She's such a good, fun little girl. And it was heaven spending 4 straight days with her since usually I have to go into work. Here's our trip in photos.

Waiting to go...

We brought a DVD player and Baby Einstein in hopes Libby would watch but, I didn't get my hopes too high since she doesn't really watch at home. She LOVED it!!! She held onto the the DVD player the whole show and squealed. I was busting up. Sometimes she'd get so excited her legs would start kicking like crazy and the player would start to slide off her lap. She was hilarious.
Libby and I waiting in the Annex at the Temple during the sealing and she kept crawling to Jesus...such a good girl. ;)

Jared's Mom, Me, Libby, and Jared in front of the Denver Temple.

Libby really enjoyed the Hotel drawers....not so much the sleeping arrangements though. We were up ALL night, BOTH nights.

But she caught up on her sleep on the drive home. And her reading.
Oh...and one last thing...the AC in the car went out. That's right. Libby and I shared a water bottle to keep from sweating to death, though it didn't help much. If you recall, this has happened to me before. Ugh! At least I wasn't 8 months pregnant this time around.


The Brady Bunch said...

Your little Libby keeps getting cuter and cuter!!!

pollydove said...

What fun pictures McCall! That is a total crack up about the baby Einstein vids! I can just see her kicking her cutest little legs in excitement and then looking all confused as the player fell!

She is SUCH a perfect little girl!

Jen said...

That laptop is so funny! What a cute girl!