Sunday, May 16, 2010

King Louie

Libby made a new friend over the weekend. A cute little bunny named King Louie. She was a little confused by him and more interested in the blades of grass but, it still made for a precious photo-op.







Anonymous said...

That last photo of Libbers is just precious! Black and white that photo and post it in your house. Priceless!!

design gal said...

so so cute!

Michael and Michelle said...

Ok, this is precious!!!! I LOVE hear shirt!

pollydove said...

Seriously ... she is so adorable McCall! And she was especially fun to watch with that bunny, and watching the other kids, and liking the grass ('cause most babies just don't!) xo

Seth and Shayla said...

the bunny looks a little terrified haha such cute pics we love our bunny redding attacks him and he just deals with it

Joshua said...

Somebunny is so cute! Dur!!!