Sunday, July 12, 2009

St George trip

Jared and I just returned from our road trip to St George.
Little sis, Chloe, was in Tuacahn's production of FOOTLOOSE!
She did such a great job and we loved the show sooo much. 
The rest of the trip though....I don't know....
Let's start off with pics of Chloe though. We couldn't take camera's
into the actual amphitheater so I was glad when there was a little
80's pre-show right before. I wish I had remembered my camera took
videos when Chloe was singing Madonna's, "Material Girl", 
rather than right at the finale. But, it's still something so, 
here's a little clip.

And some pics...

I look extremely short/greasy/cheesy/what's-going-on? in this picture
but, that's about how the rest of the trip was so, it's suiting.
On our way out of the 108 degree weather (I honestly don't know
how women wear make-up and do their hair in that kind of heat)
our A/C in the new car went out. We were miserable the whole 
ride home and literally sticking to the leather seats.

But, now we're home and reunited with Cooper so all is well.


design gal said...

oh my gosh! i'm so sorry your a/c went out! glad you got home okay! :) do you think you're up for a thrifting trip to boise? i promise the a/c will be okay! hehe

alibrough said...

I love Chloe!!!!!!!! You should have told me and I would have met you there. Its only like 5 hours for me. I need to see her in this. Love it! And sadders about the ac. Remember little ac.

Michael and Michelle said...

Chloe has a great voice! Looks like she loves doing that! Sorry about the AC and being pregnant, probably not a good combo! What kind of car did yall get? Miss you!!!

Cory & Megan said...

is chloe in footloose all summer? i want to go down and see it SO bad!! and i don't know why people do their hair or makeup when it's that hot either.

oh and we are moving to lehi :)