Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Red, White & Blue

My 2nd favorite holiday came and went too quickly. (Christmas is #1, obvs.) There is just something about all the red, white and blue that makes my heart swell. With a husband that serves our beautiful country, July 4th means just that much more to me! I seriously LOVED my Instagram feed the entire day. Every picture was so festive! Even my friend who lives in London posted a pic of her little's in our nation's colors.

^^^Silly selfies.^^^

^^^We spent the afternoon in Park City. Libby and I shared a cotton candy snow cone and then we all road the rides. For those who haven't been, the coaster is worth the money. The Alpine slides, not so much!^^^

^^^Sandy Days Parade. This family LOVES a good parade! Especially ones that hand out teeny flags and otterpops. Such a fun idea. ^^^

^^^Sometimes Logan likes his sister....other times, notsomuch.^^^

^^^The many attempts at a family picture (there were even more). I was VERY happy to see that Jared was smiling in every one. He's usually worse then the kids. ;) ^^^


Home of the free, because of the brave. 
Love you, America. 

Looking forward to next year....hopefully my side of the family decides to keep with tradition and COME! (Wink Wink, Mom)


Shan & Andrew said...

LOVE the kids in their red, white, & blue! And you look so purdy!

pollydove said...

Wink, wink indeedie little girlie!!! I MISSED YOU GUYS and the Sandy City festivities toooooo much!!! These pictures are awesome though, thanks for sharing the cuteness!!! xoxoxo

pollydove said...

(I thought you took off your word identifier thing ... I can't like it.)

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