Friday, June 28, 2013

character post

The character's don't wonder like they used to at Disneyland. You have to wait in loooong lines to see anyone. Which is good and bad all rolled into one. 

Here is who we were lucky enough to see:

^^^Logan cracks me up in this pic. It looks like he was told not to touch so is sneakily doing it anyway.^^^

^^^The down side to loooong character lines, babies may fall asleep. These 2 were both awake when we started the wait for their favorite. Shoot!^^^

^^^Tinkerbell had the longest wait. Almost an hour!!!^^^

^^^Libby was really nervous about Peter Pan for some reason. She wanted me in the picture with her. Then as we were walking away she said she just wanted to see Wendy.^^^

^^^Libby was very chatty with the princesses. Asking where everyone from their movies was. She told Ariel she had seen her show and that Sebastian was sooo funny. :) Then she'd get really weird and nervous for a picture. Not sure why.^^^

^^^Here's another bummer to long line waits, sometimes characters leave after you've been waiting forever! We were in line for Winnie The Pooh, Eeyore, and Tigger. Just as we were coming up, Pooh and Eeyore took their break. I love Libby and Adam in this one. ^^^

We never saw Mickey or Minnie which was a bummer but, we did see a bunch of character's in the Pixar parade. Libby loved that!!! 

^^^Group shot.^^^

We had a pretty great time overall. Looking forward to our next trip. Maybe my side of the family will tag along. Now that is how I like to do Disney. ;)

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