Wednesday, October 23, 2013

logan john - 19 months

This was supposed to be an 18 month post...because ya know, milestones and all...but, another month went by without permission. Here's what my Logan boy's been up to lately. 

First things first. Being cute.

He loooves to make me and Libby laugh. Such a little jokester (like Dad). He'll dance silly and sing along to songs, then look at us to see if we're giggling. I always am so, he'll do it again.

He just started smiling super cheesy for the camera, which also makes me laugh.

Binky obsessed!!! Here he is at church think.

Oh, and don't try to make him talk. He says, mama, dah, nana, and love you. All other words are just not interesting to him. Jared asked him to say "please" the other night before giving him a treat and he started BAWLING!!! "Please" is just too hard, I guess. Poor kid. To get what he wants he'll simply take my hand, walk me over (usually the kitchen) and point. And he won't hold just one finger. He'll wiggle and wiggle his hand inside of mine until we're holding hands correctly. It's adorable.

This brother ADORES his sister! When Libby's at Preschool he searches the house making sure she's really gone. When we pick her up he kicks his feet and squeals just like a newborn would do. It's my favorite thing.

Two words: Toy Story 
You will most likely find Logan with Buzz by his side.

 He gives the BEST hugs ever. If I ever need a hug I just have to say, "Logan! Hurry-hurry, Mama needs a hug!" and he comes running full speed, arms outstretched!

Sure am happy he's mine!


Shan @ Design Gal said...

awwwww! boys love their mommas! logan is such a cutie!

April (Thorup) Oaks said...

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