Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Libby is a whole lot of drama these days. I like it!

I picked her up from the sitter's last week and another 2-year-old patted my belly and said, "I know there's a baby in there." Libby burst into tears on the spot and cried, "Don't hit my brother-baby!!!" She talked about it the rest of the night, just so beside herself that her baby had been "hit". I couldn't seem to console her. 

This morning we went to the doctor's office for my 36 week check up. It's now the time where they check if your dilated, effaced, etc. I took my pants off and again, with such ease, Libby's tears started to flow. "Mama! Put your pants on, you're gonna be coldy!!!!" She was literally upset until I was fully dressed again - because of her concern for my temperature!!?!!!??

Speaking of the baby - I was in fact dilated (not that that means much but, false hope for early delivery). I'm 3 centimeters dilated and 40% effaced. Any day kid. I'm ready!

I can't promise the same for sister though.

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pollydove said...

What a little sweetie! It is going to be SOOOO interesting to see how Libby reacts to having brother baby here, out of mommy's tummy, and into her life, forever. :)

I hope he comes really soon too! I was never that far along until the day I delivered! WHOOT WHOOT! (Come on Logan!)