Tuesday, February 14, 2012

day of love

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


It is a holiday so....Libby had a heart-shaped cookie for breakfast. And it made us BOTH very happy girls!

She also picked out her own dress today. Worked out perfectly for this day of Love. I can't imagine loving anything more then I love that cheesey grin!

Libby, you bring so much joy to your Dad and me. We love love love you!!! Happy Valentine's Day! And sure, you can have a cookie for dinner too. :)


pollydove said...

YAY!!! Cookies all day long for the cutest little Valentine I know!!! Lub that little doll face girlie! xoxox

Courtney Snowden said...

Her hair...she is like a round brushed big girl!!!! So so cute. I too like to eat cookies for breakfast and dinner :)

linds jo said...

she looks so big! can you believe in a few short weeks she won't be the only little linares hangin out on the couch?