Thursday, March 8, 2012

disney on ice

Disney on Ice : Toy Story 3

I'm very sad to say that my camera is missing. And it better show up before baby arrives!!!
The following are taken with my iPhone.

We took Libby to Disney on Ice with cousins Izzie and Cameron. It was a blast!

Izzie came decked out in her Jessie the Cowgirl gear. She was nice enough to let Libby wear her Jessie hat for a little while.


The kids showing off their souvenirs.


Watching the show.

The Ken & Barbie numbers were definitely the best. Libby is always the biggest fan of Buzz Lightyear though! When he flew in over the ice her eyes got really wide and her jaw dropped. It's always fun when the kids enjoy it. And though her eyes were extra tired by 9pm, she stayed awake and paid close attention the entire show. So cute.

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pollydove said...

Aw, the magic of Disney! I can't believe how much Libby's cousins are into the whole Disney scene! That Jessie outfit is awesome ... the boots!!! And Cameron's hat is hilarious!

McCall! I didn't know you lost your camera! Is it the one Mike bought you guys? Man, I hope it shows up soon too!