Monday, February 13, 2012

libby loves disney


I had last Tuesday off of work and had to hit up Motherhood Maternity for a church skirt. (That was depressing.) So, since it was a Mommy and Libby day, we decided to do something fun too...the Disney Store is our favorite stop!!! As soon as we walked in Libby picked out a box of princess figurines. It was cute but, I knew she'd love the plush princess dolls better. PLUS, they were buy one get one free. Gotta love a Disney deal. We turned the corner to the wall of plush dolls and Libby immediately handed me what was in her hand and said, "Put this back Mama, I'n getting a Bell." Well, that was easy. She got a Tinker Bell and Pocahontas doll but, I think she loved the big Mickey Mouse bag the most. She carried her dolls in the bag the rest of the day. It was especially cute since it was just about her same size. She even took her nap with the dolls still in the bag next to her. Silly girl. I'm definately looking forward to spending everyday with this little peanut come NEXT MONTH! Yay!!!

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pollydove said...

I need to come shopping with you guys sometime! I bet it is adorable!!!