Wednesday, January 25, 2012

30 weeks

Here’s a not-so-good picture of me at 30 weeks. Even though I’m feeling HUGE, it doesn’t help when you have people telling you day in and out that you look huge. Or that you look like you’re “about to pop”. Or that you look “uncomfortable”. I’ve had all these comments and more…it’s not nice. And I still have 9.5 weeks to go. For the record, I asked my doc to check what I weighed with Libby at 30 weeks for my own comparison…I’m 4 lbs LESS this time around. This baby's just very much ALL. OUT. FRONT. And that’s okay. Most days. I’m getting excited for his arrival while still trying to enjoy just Libby. She cracks me up.

We moved her dresser/changing table into the nursery and put all her clothes in a different dresser in her room. She doesn’t quite get it. She still goes into the nursery and opens the drawers thinking she’ll find all things pink. Not the case. The other night I told her to go bring me her jammies and she came back with 3 month old blue ones. She then said very confused, “These my new jammies, Mama?” She knew they didn’t look familiar but, there were in what she thought was still her drawer. It’ll take some getting used to.

When I got into work, I had an email from my Mom that said she had found a new website to edit photos and was playing around with this one:

 I love it!
It's also a little sad how quickly Libby has grown up. But I guess that has to happen.

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pollydove said...

I think you look adorable! Big boy baby bump and all! Funny Libs. She really had no idea what is about to take place does she? But she will survive ... we all do! :)

That picture of her is so cute! The "edit" was supposed to make the picture look old, and it SURE does!!!

Love you!!!