Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1st dentist appointment

We took Libby to her first dentist appointment today. It was very scary, for her and her Mama. Which is why Grammie tagged along. :) She seemed okay, even happy walking in. They sat her in the big chair and said they were going to take some pictures of her. She was okay until they stuck the x-ray piece in her month and moved the x-ray in front of her view. When she couldn't see me or Grammie anymore, she lost it. We never got "it" back. The pics weren't taken and it was a complete fight letting the doctor see inside her mouth. They even turned on Tangled, her favorite. Libby covered her mouth with both hands and buried her head in my shirt, sobbing.

We'll get there...right?

She was however, happy to leave. With balloon and bag of goodies in tote, we were off.

She brushed her teeth tonight using her new Cinderella toothbrush without ONE complaint.
A breakthrough!!! Maybe it was worth it....maybe.... ???

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pollydove said...

Hahahaha!!! Maybe, indeed my Bug! xoxo