Monday, January 9, 2012

christmas day

I didn't think making a blog private would be so difficult. I've given up for tonight but, will try again. If some of you get multiple invites and others get none...just know it's a work in progress.
Any advice or tips welcome!

While we are some Christmas pics. And there are only some because, my husband HATES pictures, my daughter HATES pictures, and since I feel absolutely enormous these days, I HATE them too. Not many were taken all Holiday. Kinda sad.

Since we were spending Christmas Eve at Jared's parents house, he wanted Libby to open her stocking before hand. His family doesn't open stockings, they don't even own any so, Jared thought it would be fun to just do that part with our little family on Dec. 23rd. Libby didn't mind one bit!

Christmas morning at Grandma and Grandpa Linares' house. Libby had to wait and wait and wait to go down and see what Santa had brought. She was so patient.

Yay! A play kitchen!!! (Which Libb's refers to as her "house") She has been cooking up a storm since Christmas. Cereal, yogurt, soup, pancakes....all her favorites come out on a small little play plate. Since it's really always empty, I have to ask her what I'm eating. She happily tells me and always follows up with, "It's hot. Blow it Mama."

She still loves to color. It's about the only thing that pulled her away from her kitchen all Christmas Day.

Jared's attempt at taking a picture of me and Libby. Lovely.

And that was about it. Hopefully my Mom got some good shots from when we went to her house later that afternoon. We were all still dressed for church and they had changed back to jammies. No fair! Though it was a little stressful, I liked having Sacrament meeting on Christmas Day. It helped get the meaning of the Holiday back into our heads after a crazy/busy morning of gifts.


Courtney Snowden said...

I would dare to say that Libby's kitchen rivals the coveted pottery barn one. It quite possibly may even be cuter! So fun! And I feel so privileged to be invited to the private blog :) love ya

pollydove said...

She is getting too BIGGA!!!! How is she such a little smartie one?!?! I ADORE that kitchen! It is seriously SO stinking adorable and she is too funny with it! I need to cook her and eat her up!!!! xoxoxox

pollydove said...

.... oh, and too bad that picture of you and Libby is blurry (JaRod????) because it is really so cute of you my Bug!