Saturday, November 26, 2011

things are changing...

Libby graduated to a "big girl" bed last weekend. My brother found a bed that was left behind at the apartment's he works for so, he brought it home for us. Jared sanded it down, and painted it sage. Love it!

I'm pretty certain Libby does too! She's been so good about going to bed when it's time and staying there until I get her out. In the morning she just yells my name over and over until I go into her room and then she hops out quick and heads to the kitchen for breakfast. So funny. I've never told her she had to wait for me, and her doors always open so, she can leave if she wants. But, she doesn't. Works for me!

I'm glad the "big girl" bed came along when it did because we're needing to make room for the biggest change of all...........


He's either a really really BIG boy or measuring a week ahead of schedule. Either would be nice.
I was soooo SURE that this baby was another girl. I already had a name, room plans, was unpacking Libby's infant clothes, etc. This little man was a shocking but very fun surprise. Let the changes begin!


The Brady Bunch said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited for you guys! Her bed is adorable!

pollydove said...

And let me tell you now Bug ... a boy will be a BIG change!!! I am happy for Jared though - every man wants a son, right? ;)

The bed looks adorable and I am LOVING that picture of the Libster jumping! Hopefully that little toddler bed with hold up to your little toddler! Love her! xoxox

Shan @ Design Gal said...

You didn't show the weenie picture? ;) lol

I'm so excited for you guys! Now Jared will have a li'l buddy to watch football with! I'm trying to find you a teensy navy hat too!

And I LOVE how the bed turned out! So cute! The picture of Libby jumping on it is adorable! I can't believe she's been so good about sleeping in it! You're one lucky mamma!