Saturday, November 5, 2011


Happy Halloween!
My sweet toddler was a Bee this year. She loved it! She ran around our house once her wings went on yelling "WEEEE! WEEEE!" Too cute. For days leading up to Halloween I was telling Libby that she was a Bee and that Bee's say "buzzzz". She'd get it right every time. Then, on the big day, time to perform, Grandma Linares asked, "Libby, what are you?" Her response, "ME!"
The next question, "What does a Bee say?" Her response, "Trick-or-Treat!"
Hahaha. Both were correct but, not what we rehearsed.

After getting lots of little candy, Libby thought Grammie's BIG candy was the best!!!

Libby loved Trick-or-Treating. We just went down one street though, because I did not love it. After every house she would hand me the candy and say, "OPEN IT MAMA! OPEN IT!" When I'd say "no" and put it in her bag to continue on, she'd have to make sure it was in there at least 5 times before the next house....which made the walk very long and Libby very clumsy. She fell so often I lost count. After each fall she'd jump up and say, "I'm okay. I'm okay." :)

The pumpkin pictured above was Libbs favorite. We passed it a couple of times and she'd always wave and say "Hi Punkin!"

Maybe next year we'll make it past one street....and maybe not. It's kind of nice not to have all the extra candy laying around the house for the Mama to eat.


pollydove said...

You know you can always leave her candy at her grammie's house for me to eat!!! She was the CUTEST bee ever! And her little personality was too precious while she was in it too! I am so glad she liked having her costume on (some kids don't) ... and it was a warmie one too! Love my bug and bee girls!

Chloe Ray said...

I'm the most proud auntie ever! Look how stinkin cute she is, wish I could have seen that littl "MEE" in action! But next year you might not make it past street one, because you'll have TWO babies!!