Thursday, December 8, 2011

christmas tree

I’ve been loving all the Christmas tree posts going up around the blog community. I LOVE Christmas trees. Nat The Fat Rat posts 1 or 2 a day from her favorite blogs…and readers too. Fun. I wanted to get in on the action so, this morning, I snapped a few photos. Libby asked to be in one. WHAAA? She never wants her picture taken. So, even though she was still in her jammies and still had her cute bedhead, a mock Christmas morning photo was snapped.

And it was blurry….NO! I said, “One more Libbs. Please.” “I done.” She replied. “Pleeease!!!” I pleaded. She said ‘cheeeese’ as quick as she could and off she went saying, "I color now." Thank heavens the second one turned out. Cause what’s a post without Libby in it, right? (What did I ever post about before Libby? Really.)

So…back to Christmas trees. Ours has been up since before Thanksgiving. Jared did it one day before I got home from work. Love him. I was feeling very overwhelmed with getting rid of things to make another nursery so, instead of cluttering my house with 5 totes of Christmas décor this year, we just pulled out the tree, one nativity, one snowman, and one Santa. Works for me!

The other night Jared and I were watching Transformers. He paused it and left the room for awhile saying he’d be right back. He was not ‘right back’. Fifteen-plus minutes later he walked into the room. He wondered how in the world I was still staring at a paused TV screen and hadn’t pushed play or changed it to something else. I said, “I’m not. I’m looking at our tree!!! I love it!” He thinks I’m a big dork but, it’s my happy little thing. Right, Mama??

I love looking at all my ornaments. I have some good ones! Each year growing up my Mom would give us kids an ornament on Christmas Day. When I left on my own I got to take 23 ornaments to put on my own tree. Awesome. Since then, I've been adding candy, cupcakes, cookies and such. Sort of turning my tree into a sweet-treat.

Libby's first Christmas ornament...a COOKIE #1. Perfect...thanks Mom.


And other knick-knacks around the house. Love this time of year! And getting all your Christmas cards!! I got my first 2 in the mail yesterday. That makes me very happy. Keep 'em coming!


pollydove said...

I LOVE your tree too Bug!!!! It makes me happy to see it! And too bad that first picture is blurry because Libby looks adorable ... well, she IS adorable, so that's that! xoxo

pollydove said...

It's just me again to say, I wish I had your tree! ;)