Sunday, February 20, 2011


Today was Libby's first day of Nursery! (Actually last week we went to my Mom's ward and snuck her into that Nursery a little early) but, today was her official day in our own ward Nursery. She did awesome! Teacher said she played well, liked singing, ate all her snack (obvs) and hardly made a peep. It was a great Sunday all around. We even made it through an entire sacrament meeting earlier without a trip to the hall AND I was able to enjoy an entire Relief Society. What a different world!

Grandpa Linares bought Libby a little bag of farm animals on Saturday. She hasn't put them down since. And she likes to keep them in the bag they came in. These animals are the reason she made it through the church meetings. I just know it! Thanks Grandpa!!

They even taste good...??

Libby has her 18 month check up coming up. She learned about 5 new words overnight! Her favorite one though continues to be "mine". Despite my best efforts. She also says:
"zee-zee" (passie)
I think that's about it. She repeats her favorites over and over when we're driving. This cracks me up every time. I look forward to many many more enjoyable Sundays! Thank you Nursery! And little Libbs for enjoying it!


Cory & Megan said...

oh I'm so proud of her! and so happy that you can actually have a few hours of solitude (even if it is just at church). Luke still repeats words and names over and over again, I wonder when it stops?

Oh and can we please let luke and lib be friends? that would be fun.

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

So I don't know how you do church for 18 months with a child. I would DIE. Libs is precious. Emma would just love her.

The Brady Bunch said...

I love her dress! She looks just like her cute mommy!

pollydove said...

She is such a good little girl! She likes nursery because she is social and a busy bee! And I have never seen a baby enjoy her "things" more than she does! (Good find Grampa.) So cute! xoxo

paige and jord said...

look how cute that little libs is! i cant believe she's already 18 months old. cAzy!!
and thanks for leaving those links. you're right.. i totally DID die at some of those dresses. i just wish the starting price wasn't $60. :( but keep em comin! la ya