Thursday, February 17, 2011

daddy/daughter time

The other day my Mom was over to watch The Grammy's I had saved on my DVR. (I love DVR) (And Gwyneth Paltrow! Did you see her sing? So cute! I just downloaded the song this morning and have had it on repeat. I'm sure my cubicle neighbor is getting irritated. Ha.) I had already watched The Grammy's the day before and made Jared sit through them then so, he wasn't about to do it again. He set up camp in our bedroom to watch a basketball game on the tiny screen. After only a few minutes I heard him yell, "McCall, come here! This is a cute picture!" And he was right. Libby decided on basketball instead of Gwyneth and plopped down next to Dad. It is indeed a cute picture:

PS Brandie-Dear, I don't know if you read my blog but, if you stumble upon this post today...
Happy Birthday! We love & miss you!!!


pollydove said...

A cutie, cutie picture indeed!!! Libby looks so cute! I LoVe her little legs and that she is holding her doll. AWE!!!! xoxox

McCall said...

her doll AND sippy! always holding her sippy. even it's been empty for hours. haha.