Wednesday, March 2, 2011

18 months

One and a half?? Really?? Didn't we just celebrate Libby's 1st Birthday? Time is flying by. Sadly. And happily I guess. This is a funny funny age. Libby talked in the car to her baby the entire drive to work this morning. She kept kissing her too. Libby loves to give really LOUD kisses. When I glanced back at her she was trying to give her baby her own sippy cup. Such a good sharer. Okay...not really. She knows what's hers and that's that! A couple of weeks ago I tried to get her to say please.

"Say please, Libby."
"Say pleeeeeeeease."

Ha. That's pretty good.
Last night she wanted her sippy (which she calls a "baba").

"Say please, Libby."
"Say pleeeeeeeeese." (High pitched voice)
"BaaaaaaaaaaBaaaaaaaaa." (Equally as high)


Libby's favorite things: fruit snacks, babies, Disney Junior, mandarin oranges, shoes, mama, grammie....

Cooper. Definitely Cooper.

I'm sorta surprised that Cooper likes Libby so much still. She bullies him daily. Pulls his hair. Steals his toys.

He just keeps the love comin'. Here Libby fights off a Cooper smooch!

Here's Libbs at the doctor's office for her 18 month check up. They wanted her stripped to her diaper but, she refused. This is as much as I could get off and the doctor said it would be fine for this time. Stubborn thing! And still so curious. I felt bad because I really thought she got shots that day so, prior to our visit, I gave her some Tylenol to help the poke pain. And what do you shots. Mother of the year award!

The meds totally knocked her out. :)

I don't know what I did with her measurement paper but, I know the doctor said she was 11th percentile for weight and 50-somethin' for height. Her teeny legs get LOTS of exercise throughout the day. Pass some of that energy to me! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease! (High pitched voice.)


pollydove said...

She is just too cute! And I can't believe she acts that way with her baby! She seems way too little to "get" that ... she a genius baby!!!

And you really are lucky that Cooper is such a good sport! It's nice that he is such a little mellow head with her. LOVE that puppy! xo

sophie said...

Libby looks soooo cutie in these pictures!! I love that bow! But... why am I not one of her favorites? Oh well, I still love that baby and all the cute sounds she makes:)

The Brady Bunch said...

She is such a doll! I love that her and Cooper get along so well. We miss our puppy!!

Cory said...

i love libby! i just can not believe she is that old already. isn't that how old luke is?? oh man, i don't want to talk about it. time flies doesn't it???

anyway, i love her. she is just so cute!

Cory & Megan said...

whoa i had no idea cory even had a google account. that comment was def from me and not him. wouldn't that be funny though if he just logged in and read your blog? ha ha especially funny because i'm positive he's never even read ours.

pollydove said...

Hi Bug ... just stopped over again to see this cute little face! I love this baby soooo much! Thanks for making me a grandma! xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

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