Friday, January 21, 2011

teeny cones

There's nothing cuter than a teeny baby with an adult item that happens to be teeny size. Like this little icecream cone Libby enjoyed last week. It was just her size and she LOVED it!

Mwah! Kissing the teeny cone!

Praising the teeny cone.

Completely enjoying the teeny cone!

She ate the entire thing with hardly any mess. I was quite surprised. Although, Libby is a clean eater. She uses a napkin after bites and likes to wash her hands right away. My Mom said I was the same way at her age. Cute.


pollydove said...

Yup ... you were exactly the same way!!!! Always wanted to have a napkin while you ate ... and I loved it. Let's go get another teeny cone so that I can watch her eat it tomorrow! Remember when she ate that miniature cupcake too? So cutie! xoxo

Amber said...

That is so cute. I really really miss her.

Cris said...

Lindo bebe! visite meu blog.