Sunday, December 26, 2010

a croup-y christmas

Expectations were high for this year's Christmas. Jared and I picked out what gift we thought would be just perfect for the people on our list. We went grocery shopping way in advance for our food assignments at the upcoming family party. We got to bed somewhat early Christmas Eve to rest up for the many planned activities. How silly of us to have a plan. Libby was up ALL night with a horrible seal-like cough and wheezing. The poor thing couldn't seem to catch her breath. First thing Christmas morning Jared and I took her to the Instacare. Well, we tried. They were closed. It was early though so, I thought maybe they'd be open later on. We stopped by Jared's parents house and my Mom's before we decided to try again. Still closed. So, we headed off to the ER. She just kept getting worse. Since the Emergency Room is the ONLY place open on was packed! Every seat was full and our wait was loooong. When we were finally seen by a doctor he could quickly tell that Libby had Croup, an inflammation of the upper airways, making it hard for her to breath. They gave her some sort of steroid to lessen the swelling around her lungs and then I had to hold a tube treatment in front of her mouth and nose for 45 MINUTES! She's a toddler for heaven's sake! Isn't there an easier way?? There wasn't, and so we reluctantly sat. And sat. And sat. Until finally we were discharged. He said to keep a close eye on her and that this could last for up to 5 days. Since Croup is extremely contagious, we opted out of our family Christmas gathering and headed home. Where we had nothing but a cheese ball, and treats. (Our family party food assignments). Since that wasn't good enough for dinner, Jared, Libby, and I had Hamburger Helper for our Christmas feast.

Hope everyone's Holiday was a little more pleasant then this!

Merry Christmas!


zarbocks said...

Oh dear, im so sorry. That would stink!! We need to get together soon!!

Michelle Elkins said...

Poor Libbers! Emma had croup when she was about Libby's age too, but not that bad. Glad you were able to go somewhere to get some meds! Hope she gets better soon! Miss you.

The Skousens said...

Oh goodness, that is a bummer, but at least she is doing better! Mattison has had croup twice and it's not fun...the breathing treatment is a joke with a toddler.

pollydove said...

The PEN!!!! Ha ha ha!!!! Was that the same one she carried around all morning at my house???? Oh little Libbers. She looks like she was cooperating somewhat though.

We missed you guys SO much on Christmas ... but you do what you gotta do once those littles come along. Hope she is doing better! Grammie said you should really take her off of milk now and she will probably not have this problem. Worth a try! ;)

Love you Bug!

TinnyMey said...

wonderful pictures! libby is so sweet! I wish you a happy new year!
(sorry, my english is not so good)