Thursday, December 30, 2010

christmas happenings

Despite spending our entire Christmas afternoon in the Emergency Room (see previous post), Christmas wasn't all bad. In fact, before I realized Libby was deathly ill, we had quite a good time. Looking at these picture's now I feel so awful that my little girl was miserable and had no way of saying so. Poor babies. So, to start off with, since we were up at 6 am, Jared, Libby, Cooper and I opened our gifts. 

Shannon did a wonderful job recovering a children's chair that I got for Christmas when I was 2. As soon as I get the picture of me with the original fabric, I'll do a side-by-side post. So cute! You can see more about it on Shan's blog.

Libby LOVES it!!!
As soon as I carried her out of her room Christmas morning she ran right to the chair and sat down. It's the perfect size. She continued to open the rest of her gifts and eat breakfast and watch a movie (part of a movie) in her new chair.

Cooper got a few gifts too. Even though Coop is a champ at opening his gifts, Libby just had to help him. And then play with his toys too.

Next we headed to the Instacare which said it wasn't open until 8 so we figured we'd drop by Jared's parents house and hit up the Instacare once the sun came up. Notice Libby admiring cousin Izzie's new wheels...and wearing Christmas bows.

After we made that stop, we stopped at my Mom's house. It's convenient when both Grandma's live in the same city. Libby was s-p-o-i-l-e-d. My Mom said she had a hard time not buying lots of little girl things. Libby is so fun to shop for. And she really appreciates it all too. Everything she opened she tried on. A new bow, a new necklace, bracelet, my Mom's bracelet....etc.
All decked out in her new items!

It's also a Linares tradition to eat at Little America. No matter the occasion, that's their favorite place. And so it was....

Uncle Nick and Uncle Josh play games with Izzie and Savannah.

We tried our hardest to get a picture with all the cousins in their cute Christmas outfits but, as you can see, no one was cooperating. Except Izzie. Who has enough smile in this pic for the entire bunch.

Grandpa Linares reading to Savannah and Libby.

And cute Savannah reading to Libby. Who needs to read the ABC's right side up anyway??

I'm sad to see the Holidays fly by so quickly! And even though my little family did have some was a great Christmas and we're looking forward to a fun new year!!!


pollydove said...

Well that really DOES look like a pretty great Christmas! Having you over on Christmas morning and watching that cutest little girl was the best part for me!!!

She looks so adorable in that red dress too! (And funny upside down ABC's ... cute.)

paige and jord said...

mick i totally remember that chair!!! it turned out so cute.
im bummed you werent there at sundance for christmas, but so glad little libs is feeling better!