Tuesday, November 23, 2010

tennessee shindig

We did lots and lots on our recent trip to Tennessee. Including 7 live shows, Dollywood, midnight trips to get deep fried oreos, and most importanly, getting the family together! We've missed Haley and Chloe so so much! They were awesome in their show. They have 2 different shows each night and we saw each show twice. It wasn't nearly enough. I think if I lived nearby I'd go at least 3 times a week.

Elliott, Haley, Me, Libbs, Mom, Chloe, Sophie (we missed you Jared!)
Tennessee Shindig was already performing their Christmas show! Actually, all of Pigeon Forge, Tennessee was decked out for Christmas. Before the show started, the guy in the Santa suit above would say, "I don't know what season it was where you came from but, here in Pigeon Forge, it's CHRISTMAS!" I loved it! Christmas lights, music, colors, spirit!
The stars of the show!! Haley, Michael (really so talented and such a nice guy), Chloe.
The girls singing their duet, "One Night Only."
Even Elliott made it on stage. He was called up to dance during the Blues Brothers song, "Soul Man". He got so into it, the whole audience was cracking up. Who knew what a great dancer my little brother was?
Libby spent most of her time running wild in the dark. Here she is playing peek-a-boo. She would love the show when it started, dancing and clapping away. But, it got old pretty fast and she would need to stetch her legs. Luckily Pigeon Forge was very family friendly!
Sophie ran up to get a scarf from Elvis! Luuuucky! He WAS Elvis! I don't watch too many Elvis movies but, this guy was pretty darn authentic. :)
Haley dancing with Elvis. So good!
My fam with lots of the Tennessee Shindig cast. They were so nice and very excited to have "family" there!

What a great show!


pollydove said...

WHAT!!!!! That is awesome!!!! These pictures are so cute! I have only ever seen them on the little tiny screen on the back of the camera! (Whatever that is called!)

Can I just copy and paste this whole post please? :)

Sophie Wood said...

Love it sis!!! And I love Pigeon Forge!!! And your baby!! Cutest little girl in the world! :)