Sunday, November 28, 2010


Even though it was extremely cold the day we planned to go to Dollywood, and a lot of family members would have rather skipped it, I really really wanted to go. Besides, I knew it would be good for Elliott to ride a few rides after seeing show after show after, we braved the weather.
It was REALLY cold! I'm an airhead and didn't bring Libby a hat (or her rain jacket which was sitting in our luggage at the hotel! DUH!) So, we bought her one at the 1st gift shop we saw. Here we are bundled up below:
Waiting for Babe's In Toyland to start! Poor Elliott. And Libby, she was restless before this one even started:

The Dollywood Shops were all lit up with Christmas lights. It was like a big frontier land from Disneyland. Lots of twang, deep-fried food, and yummy salt-water taffy. An entire wall of any flavor you could dream up.

The Dollywood butterfly.
This is right at the entrance where you must get your picture. (Also, like the Mickey at Disneyland)
Elliott, Chloe, Libby, Me, Haley, Mom, Sophie
This is us upside down on one of the TWO roller coasters. That's it. Only two. But they were both awesome! I love roller coasters! Doesn't it just look freezing out?!??!!!
Squishing into an owl egg.
Libby was pretty burnt out. Once she was up from her nap though, she insisted on walking on her own.

Such a big girl. ;)

These last 2 pics aren't from Dollywood. They are from when we went to see the Black Bear Jamboree Show. We forced Libby to go see Santa. As you can see, she wasn't too happy about it.

The end.
Hurry home girls! We miss you!


Cory & Megan said...

those pictures really do remind me of a giant Frontier Land and d-land! love it. looks like you all had such a good time (and when did elliot grow up?!)

pollydove said...

AWE!!! Such cutie pictures of all my cutie kids! It was a non-stop entertainment extravaganza to be sure!!!! And I loved every minute of it! (It is really too bad I am not in this last picture instead of Migel, and really too bad that I AM in that first picture in the sleigh! What?)

Michelle Elkins said...

Could you guys look anymore alike???? REALLY!!!! ha

design gal said...

i love the picture of you guys stuffed into the owl egg! And I had no idea Dollywood had rides!? Awesome!

Also, I didn't know you loved roller coasters! We need to go on a trip to Six Flags...or at least Lagoon! Andrew HATES roller coasters so we never go on them, unless I want to ride by myself!