Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Visiting Tennessee

I'm heading out tomorrow morning to visit my little sisters in Tennesse! We're prepared to spend lots of time watching the Tennessee Shindig show that they're both in! Check out the video on their website...both my sissies are in it!!! I'm a little nervous for the flight (Libby didn't do so well on the last one) but, at least I have my Mom and Sophie this time around.

See ya next week....


pollydove said...

Oh my gosh Bug ... I was scrolling through my blog feed and saw Tennessee Shindig and got sooooo excited thinking, "What? Who knows about that?!?!?!?" And den it was YOU!

)How come Jenna is in this picture twice and our girls are not? Ump!)

I am so excited too ... and I am hoping just as much as you that Libby will be a good little traveler. Oh, and sleeper once we get there! ;)

Michelle Elkins said...

Have a fun time! It was great seeing you yesterday!