Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween

 We started our cold and rainy Halloween night at cousin Tori's house enjoying hot, homemade chili and rolls. Mmmm. Libby ate a whole bowl of spicy chili. She'll seriously chow anything put in front of her. She's such a good little eater. Also, as you'll notice in the following photo's....she always has something in her mouth. I guess it's a good thing I got her pictures taken at the pumpkin patch early since I didn't get any really good one's on Halloween.
 Uncle Nick, Libbs, & cousin Cameron.
See what I mean....first stop of the night Libby got a dum-dum and immediately tried to eat it.
Here she is trying out the play-dough. Notice how she's holding her bucket. She never let go of it...even when it starting getting heavy from all her candy.
Libby loved loved loved trick-or-treating. After only a couple of houses she got the whole concept. It was funny too because she wouldn't put the piece of candy in her bucket until the next house when she got a new one. She was always holding the newest piece in one hand and her bucket in the other until the next stop. Silly pink kitty.


pollydove said...

Oh that is hilarious about her holding the candy in her hand until she got a replacement one!!! She really did seem to enjoy it - and pretty amazing considering she is only ONE!!! Next year will be even better! But she couldn't be any cuter! Such a little doll baby!

(And she really is the best eater EVER. Spicy chili? C'mon!)

Shannon & Andrew said...

I can't get over her costume! And her new pink boots look perfect with it!