Friday, December 3, 2010

a very tired tale

(me & libb on the dollywood tram)

For those who aren't aware, my little baby holds her ears when she's tired. As soon as that chubby little hand goes up, you know it's time for either a nap or a tantrum. Not really. Libby doesn't throw tantrums...but she does get a little grouchy. Like any overly tired baby (or adult).

As you'll see from the following pictures, Libby was extremely tired our entire Tennessee trip. Poor little girl. I don't blame her in the slightest. We kept her up until midnight and the next day would expect her to go, go, go. She was so confused. It was as if her hand became glued to her ear that vacation.

 (me, libby, haley, sophie, chloe, elliott)

(all of us again)

And when she's REALLLY tired, she holds BOTH ears:

"Mama. Please get me to a cribby."



pollydove said...

Ha ha ha!!! This cracks me up! The good thing about her doing that is that at least you KNOW it's time for a nap, and if she's cranky, that's why ... "I'm too tired mommy!!!!) So cutie! :)

design gal said...

that is adoreable! i love that first picture of you two- so pretty! Libby is such a funny baby and so cute! You're a lucky mamma!

pollydove said...

I just looked at these pics again and have to say AGAIN, it is soooo funny that she does that! It really is so cute! SHE is so cute!!!

Jen said...

I think that ear thing is one of the funniest things I've seen--so cute!