Tuesday, August 18, 2009

baby stats

For those who know where I work...this is a pretty good cartoon clip for me.
For those who don't...it's still pretty funny.
And I won't have to wait for baby much longer.
I went to the doctor today and here is the low down:

3 centimeters dilated
80% effaced
AND an inducement date: September 2nd

If she doesn't come on her own by the 2nd, she'll share a birthday with auntie Chloe.
Lucky duck.

But please, Baby, come on your own. I'm impatient and ready for ya.


Michael and Michelle said...

Belly pics! Belly pics!

design gal said...

my birthday is the 3rd...couldn't you just wait one more day? ;) j/k

we are so excited for you guys!