Monday, August 24, 2009

baby shower

Thanks Nelsons and Mom for such a cutie and fun shower for baby & me!
My pics will hardly do it justice but, I'll try.

The decor...

Brynne made all these gifts for baby
Baby photo's hung from the tree out front.

The food...

The games...

Name that celebrity baby.

The gifts...

Megan made her's already displayed in her nursery.

Cutest diaper cake ever...thanks Dana.

The guests...

Linds, Paige, Twinners, Haley, Amy & Baby
Mom, Me, Sophie, & Haley (all my sisters but 1...we missed you, Chloe)
Shayla, Chelsi, Lora, & Jessica
Sophie & Me
Cute baby Luke (eating a candy necklace)

I can't thank everyone enough for such a fab shower! Thanks for all the great gifts and good times. This baby is spoiled already! I can't wait until she's here and we can try everything out.


TeriLyn said...

how fun! and what a beautiful family you and your sisters make!

Taylor said...

Seriously CUTE shower they put together for you and baby! :o) You have such cute sisters and mom! and i LOVE that name thing your friend made for Libby...adorable! She will be here before you know it!! exciting!

Michael and Michelle said...

I am so sad that i live far away!!!!! I have presents to send you but I have to wait til I move to Michigan because our house is destroyed and things are EVERYWHERE!!!! AH!

alibrough said... sad i missed it but we are having our own bebe shower when i visit. theres gonna be confetti and stuff

paige and jord said...

such cute stuff- although not such a cute picture of us girls. (we all look mad). love little libby already