Thursday, December 4, 2008

i love ya tomorrow!!!

I think 3 cheers are in order:

Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip Hooray!
Hip Hip HOORAY!!!

My Hubby gets home tomorrow night.
No more sleeping alone...this is going to be the
best Christmas eva

Hurry up tomorrow...I wish you were today!


Devin, Abby, and Grady said...

Yeah McCall! I'm so happy for you. You are a strong girl and I look up to you a lot for handling him being gone so well. You're amazing. Welcome home Jared!

Michael and Michelle said...

I am so thrilled for you! Wish I could be there to see you welcome him home!!! WELCOME HOME JARED!

Andrew said...

WELCOME HOME JARED!!!!! Can't wait to see you man we need to get together soon! love ya man

paige and jord said...

no way! im so excited for you j-man (and mick)! cant wait to see you this weekend. we love you!!!

Kara Denise... said...

That is so exciting! We are so happy for you guys!

Design Gal said...

We are SOOO excited to see you guys on Friday!!! Wear your ugliest sweater!!!