Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jared's Home!!!

I'm so glad to finally have my husband back. This week has been
busy but we're looking forward to a really fun Christmas Holiday
together!!! And Jared is very glad to be home!

Cooper remembered who his daddy was after a few minutes.
Now he can't leave him alone.
Waiting at the airport for the luggage that never came.
Dang Delta.
It eventually showed up at our house at 3am. That
was a fun wakeup call.

Nephew Cameron made a cute "Welcome Home Jared" sign all on his own.


Design Gal said...

It was so fun to see Jared last night! Thanks for coming to our party! We can't wait to hang out more!

Austin and Chelsi Allred said...

Yeah, Yeah , Yeah!!! I am so happy for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

paige and jord said...

we're soo happy to have you back j-man! and i hope we are seeing lots of you guys this holiday break... love you

Melanie said...

Welcome home Jer-Odd! Great to see you two together again. Now you can have babies! (dogs don't count) As a grama, I can't help myself. Hey, love the top picture, let me know how you do it. I am still learning this whole blog thing. Love you!

Meg and Alex said...

Yay! Welcome home! That's awesome he's home for Christmas! We need to get together! It's been way too long.

Chels & Zak said...

Oh goody. It's been great to play with you guys. Always a good time.

linds jo said...

yea! welcome home to j-dog. ( and an end to the longest 8 months of your life right bug?)

The Skousens said...

I'm so excited for're a champ for waiting it out that long!!! How fun, he's home just in time for Christmas!!!