Monday, July 28, 2008

PiOnEeR dAy

A perk to living in Utah...extra paid-holidays and The Days of 47 Parade! I met Jared's family for the parade bright and early last Thursday morning. Besides catching up with lots of family members, the highlight to the excursion was seeing cute President Monson waving away in a little silver convertible.

I thought this picture was funny because Cameron wants to be SO much like his Uncle Nicholas! ;) He copies just about everything he says and does. (represented in the photo above)


linds jo said...

i love that you are on the lost train! we need to have lost parties when it comes back on in the fall!!! said...

You are so cute! We are way excited to have you teach McKinley! Hopefully this week she will do better! I will give her that early nap for sure! If you need anything let us know, we live way close! Thats funny kenny and linds introduced lost to us too. its a great show!