Saturday, July 26, 2008

what are some people thinking?

If you're wondering at all what I've been up to while Jared's been away, I haven't been learning the guitar like I wanted, or getting a second job to help out, or even painting my house like I threatened I would. Because my friends, I've been LOST!

Thanks to lots and lots of suggestions about getting started on this series (and frankly, feeling a little left out) I borrowed Seasons 1 and 2 from cousin Linds and haven't looked back since. And you can't just watch one episode, you gotta at least finish a whole disk. But, I'm not writing this post to talk about LOST, I'm writing it to talk about the people obsessed with LOST. (aka everyone and their dog) I finished the first 2 seasons a couple of weeks ago and have been trying to get them back to Lindsay a few times now. She just lives a short walk away so, Cooper and I have just trekked her way LOST DVD's in hand. She's never ever home and I've decided that next time I attempt to return her stuff, I'm putting it in a bag. I get stopped by THE MOST random people wanting to chat about the show. And they don't just holler, "great choice, love that show!" They gotta literally, pull over, get out of their car (this happened), and tell me all about their favorite characters and episodes for TWENTY minutes!!! I can't even walk to my car anymore w/o being stopped, "Oh you're the girl just starting LOST? What part are you on? " And here comes the very worst question of all....."Have you gotten to _________ part yet?" Um....thanks complete just ruined it for me....I haven't gotten to that part yet and now I know what my next 3 episodes are. This has happened to me SO many times in the past 2 months I couldn't even begin to explain. Not to mention a girl at work who insists on asking where I'm at and always slips in a spoiler comment. So this is my question, What are people thinking? Seriously! Common sense! It's like when that stranger at Quizno's told me the end to my book if you'll recall HERE!!!

I was going to just deny or not mention this series any longer so that I could enjoy them in piece but, I just had to share my frustration. So, no comments on what happens in Season 3 please!!!

And Lindsay....I blame you! Hahaha! Just teasin'! I love this show!!!


Colleen Sherman said...

OK... that would be VERY annoying! I would be pissed. However, I'm probably one of those people that would stop you on the street to talk LOST, but I swear I wouldn't give you a spoiler! Promise.

LOST is the best show ever! Glad you're able to rent the dvd's and catch up. Because seriously, this last season was IN-SANE!! You can't even believe the stuff that goes on. (But I won't ruin it for you.)

Meg and Alex said...

Haha that's funny, I love lost too. Alex got me hooked on it when we were dating, I didn't even watch the first few seasons I just started watching it with him, and it's Lost so it doesn't really havae to make sense if I miss any. But I eventually caught up. When we get behind in the season that's on tv Alex has to watch it on the internet and we can't miss an episode but I don't really care if we do but when a commercial comes on for the next episod he puts his hands over his ears and starts singing loud it's so funny. We aren't even caught up on all the seasons yet. Right now we are watching the 30 Rock season 1, it's pretty funny.