Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I know you're just all dying to hear how the Kanye West concert went with the tickets that I WON!!! Well, it was EXCELLENT!!! Except that it was supposed to start at 7 and they didn't even open the doors until after 8. Then they patted everyone down and looked in every pocket and crevice of purses. Any camera's were confiscated and thrown out. Some girls were stuffing there's down their clevage but, I just didn't wanna go there. Though I do have somewhat of an attachment to my camera and didn't dare take the risk so, I ran it back to my car. Unfortunately you only get the super-quality of my camera-phone. ;) Better than nothin'.

First on stage was Lupe Fiasco. LOVE HIM!!! Accompanying Lupe was the adorable, Matthew Santos! AKA My new boyf. He was such a doll....as seen below. ;)
If you don't know who Lupe and Matthew are I have one song to sing,
"If you are what you say you ar-re...a superstar...then have no fe-ar." So great!

After a 30 minutes set change came N.E.R.D. I do have a secret crush on Pharrell. He's super fly but, I wasn't so feelin' his music last night.

After a 45 minute set change came Rihanna! And she was fabulous! I love the umbrella song even more if that's possible. And she wore an awesome cat women leather like suit. But, let's get to what we all wanna hear about...the ever wonderful and even more full of himself....KANYE WEST!!! (His set change took an HOUR!!!!) Kanye finally graced us with his presence at midnight! On a Monday! Tons of people started leaving but, not me and Ali. This is what we'd been waiting for and ya know, it was worth it. Ya, I'm dying today after going to bed at 3 and getting up at 6:30 for work. I've never really had a rocker life style so, today's been hard for me. Ha. I loved every minute of last night though. Thank you ZHT!!!

Me and Ali getting low to Goldigger! We're really good rappers and...you should see us shimmy.

A little highlight....Nick Lachey was sitting on the floor in front of us protected by the sound box. I know you can't see a THING in this pic but, I still wanted to share. ;)


Meg and Alex said...

Wow that's so cool, sounds like you had a ton of fun!

linds jo said...

looks like so much fun bug!