Wednesday, June 11, 2008

braggin' rights

Ok ya'll, I hope your watching So You Think You Can Dance!!! As you may remember from a previous post I get really into reality shows, ESPECIALLY when I know someone! This's the blonde Chelsie! If you can't recall who she is, she wore the bride-like dress on tonight's episode.

I thought it was an odd dance but, still love her. Chelsie is my neighbor in PG. We live in the same complex and I've seen her at church. Confession....I don't actually know her BUT, I know her Mom from Relief Society AND it's all my ward can talk about. Word is the Bishop talked about Chelsie for 30 minutes in Elders Quorum. Apparently there's not much else going on in my town. Chelsie makes Wednesday nights that much more enjoyable! So if you haven't gotten into it yet, tune in to So You Think You Can Dance.


(as a side note....4 people from SLC made it in the shows TOP 20. not bad at all.)


The Skousens said...

Small world...Chelsie is actually my cousin's sister-in-law!!! We're rooting for her too!!!

Louder Family said...

Hello my bestest cuz! Sorry it has taken me a little while to get in touch with you! How is life? Are you making it without your hubby? Boston is great there are fun wives! I feel like my husband is in a far off land...we never really get to see him. Anyways I hope your doin okay! I will call you in a little bit to get updates! Take ya

Taylor said...

yea...what lauren said! haha! it is so much more fun knowing somebody in the competition! go chelsie! =]

Mr & Mrs Hilton said...

So McCall, quick question? Where do you live in Pleasant Grove? You can email me it! The reason I ask is I work in Pleasant Grove right by Noah's Reception center. I work right next to a bunch of condos so I thought maybe that you lived near by. Just curious. Well love all your posts. Have a nice weekend. Tell Jared I said hello!