Tuesday, June 4, 2013

San Diego - Part 2

~ The New Children's Museum ~

The New Children's Museum in San Diego was a little disappointing. Not quite what we thought it was going to be and packed with field trip kids. We found some highlights though...like bubbles! 
Aren't bubbles the best? 

^^^The boys had a good time with hundreds of blocks on tables just their height.^^^

^^^My little jumping bean.^^^

^^^Rock wall and clay.^^^

^^^Logan loved the chalk. Chalk gives me chills though...I couldn't let him play for long. Even looking at this picture is hard. Ha.^^^

~ San Diego Zoo ~

The Zoo was so awesome! (Except that we thought military families got in for free and really is was only 10% off and it's EXPENSIVE! But, that was the only bummer.) 

^^^Libby, Isabel, Logan, Adam, & Brandie^^^

^^^Libby's favorite^^^

^^^Logan's favorite. Even with the glass, I was freaked!^^^

^^^This orangutan was so cute. Just sitting right up next to the glass looking at all the people looking at him.^^^ 

^^^Libby photo bomb. She was QUICK! And ready with a smile. This picture cracks me up.^^^

~ Hollywood ~

For Mother's Day, Jared's brother Josh was going to be on his ship near Santa Monica. We figured we'd drive the couple of hours and meet up with him. That way we could walk the pier, stay the night, and check out Hollywood Boulevard.

^^^Santa Monica Pier^^^

^^^Aren't hotel beds the BEST for napping. You can make that room so dark!^^^

^^^Hollywood Blvd!!! Doesn't Logan look so amused?^^^

^^^Teeny Hollywood sign behind us at The Griffith Observatory.^^^

It was really hard to be gone with two little ones for over two weeks but, we did get to see and do a lot. It was always so fun when Jared was able to come along too! We're sooooo thrilled to have him home! 

Next stop...Disneyland!!!


pollydove said...

So much fun! All of it ... looks like you packed a lot in during those two weeks too. I was going to say that Logan looked like he was having a great time at the (not so) children's museum, but Logan almost always looks like he's having a great time! And Libs CRACKS.ME.UP. with her photo bombs! Remember she did that almost a whole year ago at the 4th of July activity?! Too funny - so dang cute!!!

Anonymous said...

SEE? If we had been AT ALL close I could have done something~ ANYTHING~ for you while you were here in So Cal... sigh.