Monday, June 3, 2013

San Diego - Part 1

Before we make the long drive back to California, I better post our trip from last month! The kids and I drove to San Diego to be there when Jared's plane landed from his looooooong deployment. He then had to stay and work for 2 weeks so, the kids and I played! If California is good for anything, it's playing! 

^^^ My babies were ANGLES on the drive there. All my nerves were for nothing. We didn't even stop for dinner and made it there by 7 o'clock!^^^

^^^ Welcoming Daddy home. This picture is a little deceiving. She wasn't crying over Jared, it was actually a cousin altercation but, it's the only one I have of just her holding the sign we made.^^^

^^^Happy family together again.^^^

~ Coronado Beach ~

^^^ Logan was in heaven with all the sun, sand and coldy water. Always such a happy boy. ^^^

^^^Just a little photo bomb going on...^^^

~ Sea World ~

^^^At Sea World I was in heaven!!! Dolphins and Killer Whales. My complete family. Overpriced lunches and a Diet Coke in a Shamu cup. SIGN ME UP! We had such a blast all day!^^^

Up at the Children's Museum and the fabulous San Diego Zoo.


pollydove said...

That really does look like such a fun trip! It's the trip where Logan grew up .... he went from baby to little toddler WAY TOO QUICK!!! (Jared's photo bomb picture is SOOOO funny, and Libby's crying picture is SOOOO sad!) Jealous you were at Sea World. It has been far too long since I've been there.

Shan & Andrew said...

California love! (say that like the Tupac song)
So glad you guys had fun and some family time! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey~ it's Candy Elder! Do you even remember me??? I have followed your and your mom's blogs FOREVER! You were always some of my very FAV people... it's ABOUT TIME I let you know! Your children are SO.DANG.ADORABLE!!! Libby is growing up so fast, and Logan is a precious little boy! LOVE YOU!