Wednesday, November 21, 2012

a pink sparkly tree story

Libby has already broken multiple Christmas decorations this year. I cannot seem to get her to leave my stuff alone. I figured the best option was to get her her own tree that she could take apart whenever she wanted. We talked about it for a couple of days and she was SO excited. Before going to the store to pick one out we stopped for lunch at Chick-fil-a and I could hear her telling the kids, "I'm getting my own Christmas tree today!!!"

We then went to pick one out and of course, she wanted the pink sparkly one. Which was fine. It was pre-lit with pink lights and only $17.00. PERFECT! Of course, she needed ornaments. I tried and tried to get her to choose the Disney Princess set, or the Dora set, or even Minnie Mouse but, her heart was set on Barbie.

She was so excited she wanted to carry her new tree up the stairs all by herself. 
Look at that face!!!

Once we were in the house I told her we would not set up the tree until her room was all clean. 
"Why, Mama?"
"Because there is nowhere for the tree to go with all your stuff on the floor." I explained.
Then, so matter of fact, she pointed to the only clear spot and announced, 
"It can just go HERE!"

Right in the middle of the room? 
We cleaned.

And once her room was clean, she set up that pink sparkly tree all by herself.

I had really high hopes that this would fix our decoration breaking dilemma however, it has not. She never thinks she has enough ornaments so keeps sneaking them from the big tree and putting them on her own. Then she wants to look at her tree so instead of going into her room, she brings the tree out to whatever room she is currently in. Leaving ornaments and pink tree parts scattered all around the house.

Despite her somewhat destructive and disobedient side, she is very sweet. This morning I heard her talking to Logan on the monitor and when I went in to check on them, she had moved her tree into his room, plugged in the lights and told me she didn't want her baby to be scared of the dark so, he is borrowing her tree. He, of course, loves the pink sparkly tree too!


pollydove said...

I am laughing out loud at the adorableness of all of this!!!! Oh my gosh, she is hilarious, and too precious for words!!! xoxoxo

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

hahaha it's funny how we have this great idea that will fix "the problem" and it kinda back fires. Oh's a cute tree and it's hers!

Kim B said...

She's so cute! :)

TruSoulDj said...

Beautiful babies.