Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Libby with 12 b's

Libby absolutely ADORES going to Preschool. I'm so glad I decided to put her in 3 days a week instead of 2 because on the off days, all she talks about, is Preschool. She goes to Rainbows Preschool and her teacher's name is Kim. Whom she also talks about on a daily basis!

I never thought I'd be someone to hold onto every. single. item. ever brought home from school buuuuut, I just can't throw away this cute stuff. It's all the same. Coloring the #7 and the 7 items on the paper. (They're always pink.) Coloring the letter C and all the pictures that begin with C. (Pink as well.) I finally had to get rid of the ever-growing pile on my counter top. We're only 2 months in her first year for Heaven's sake!!! I do know the whole trick of scanning them to the computer and tossing the originals but, it's just not the same. 

When I picked up Libby today and we looked through her backpack she was so excited to show me her pumpkin she colored and cut out all on her own. I hadn't even seen the front before I got the BIGGEST Mom grin on my face. On the back, she had written her name, by herself! She still seems too little to write words but, there it was, Libby with 12 little b's. Melting heart. You can see where Kim went back after the 2nd 'b' and added a 'y'. Surely for learning purposes however, I really like the never ending 'b' line. 

This one, I might actually hang onto. 

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pollydove said...

OH.MY.ADORABLE.WORD!!!!! I might need to have a copy of that to hang on to forever tooooooo!!!!! LUBBBBBBBBBBBB it!!!! xoxoxox