Sunday, July 10, 2011

a really good day

Today started out rough. Libby woke up too early (like usual) and was miss grumpy. She cried while I put her dress on for early church and cried while we put on her shoes. Jared had drill this weekend so, me and Libbs were on our own. I debated on even leaving the house because I knew it would be a loooong 3 hours. Especially the first one! But, after our nice walk to church, a quick drink from the water fountain (Libby loves those) she was fine. She made it all the way through Sacrament Meeting without needing to be taken to the hall. And after a tiny fit before Nursery, I had really great Sunday School and Relief Society lessons. Yay!

When we got home, the grumpies hit again. Libby wanted her new floaties on so badly so, I decided to take her down to the pool and hopefully tire her out for a long afternoon nap.

Once we arrived at the pool, she was cracking me up! The main reason for this post is so that I can remember how cute she was in the kiddy-pool today. We were the only ones there and some previous swimmer had left behind a short, skinny diving toy and a water bottle cap. Since we didn't have any toys with us, Libby picked up both of these and her imagination ran wild. Her back was turned so I couldn't tell what she was doing and after a little while, she walked over to me and asked, "Mama pretty??" With a big smile she dipped the diving toy into the cap she had filled with pool water and put it on my lips like it was make-up. Then she stood back and said, "Oooooh. Preeeeetty!" This went on for quite some time. Blush, lip-stick, eye shadow.....

When I was bored with that because, let's be serious, kids could play the same game for hours, I got really low in the water and started singing the Jaws theme song and chasing Libby around the pool. "Dun-dun. Dun-dun. DUN-DUN-DUN-DUN!!!" She laughed and laughed. And then starting singing it while chasing me!! She sang it practically perfect. I couldn't believe how easily and quick she picked up the tune. It's amazing what toddlers soak up!

We ending the afternoon watching you tube videos of Disneyland Parades. She LOVED it!!! And I love her! :)


Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

Love the toddler age. It's crazy how quick they pick things up! I wish we lived closer to have play dates!

The Brady Bunch said...

Toddlers are the BEST! Its like having a constant little buddy with you.

pollydove said...

I love this post Bug! She is really a special toddler! Extra smart, extra creative, extra adorable! Glad you had such a good time and posted about it because, trust me, you would have forgotten the specifics of this day and it is a sweet memory!

Love that baby too - sooooo much! xo

alibrough said...

I am excited to see her in a month!!!