Thursday, July 7, 2011

jared's day!

From Happy Birthday America to Happy Birthday Jared!!!

Jared turned 27 today! We ate at Bonzai, his favorite. They take your picture so you can put it on their wall for others to see but, I wanted to keep this one. I don't think the guy was too happy when he saw me walk out with it. He yelled after me, "Hey! You take picture it's $20! You leave, it's free!" Haha. I took it anyway. Memories, right?? We were planning on seeing a movie afterwards but, Bonzai took longer then we thought and I'm not down with 10pm movies on a weekday.......or ever. Sorry, we're gettin' old. :)
So, we headed to the mall where Jared treated himself to a new 4G iPhone, 3 books, and 2 new shirts. Um...I'm definitely looking forward to my birthday next month!!!!

Jared, see what happens when you smile for the pic.....your very own post! :)

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pollydove said...

Hi Bug! Somehow I missed this one! A couple of things: as your momma, I need to say that you should color copy this photo and then return it to Bonzai. ;) And it is a really cute picture of you guys ... so happy J-Rod smiled for it!!! xoxo