Sunday, June 5, 2011

new york comes to a close...

A couple last things we saw on our NYC trip.....

Libby really liked being in the penguin area of the Zoo. I think all the kids did though because it was PACKED in there. And smelly.

Dancing while we wait for the Sea Lion Show to start.

Libby included her baby doll in everything. Here she shows her the Sea Lions. :)


Sleeping through the show!!!

I just loooove the Plaza Hotel. One day, I'll stay there! Wouldn't that be neat!

I made Jared take this picture. He didn't wanna take any pictures. He thinks I'm so embarrassing. In New York of all places. Do you know how many crazy people there are in New York?? I'm practically NORMAL!

Libby gives the thumbs up while we wait for the Subway. I think she approved of our fun get away!

Except for the fact that our plane coming home was delayed one hour, two hours, three hours.....oye! I hate flying!!!


Passing time in the JFK airport.

1 comment:

pollydove said...

How does that cutest little girl already know how to correctly hold her crayons???? Genius baby!

This all looks like so much fun! Maybe some day we can stay at the Plaza Hotel together! Like when Chloe is nominated for a Tony and we get to go!!!!

(Aren't all zoos smelly?) ;)