Thursday, June 9, 2011

hip hip hooray!!!

Big Congrats to Jared who graduated from Utah Valley University last month.
I'm a little behind in my grad post but, no less excited about it then the day it happened!!!

Jared and his friend, Briggs, waiting for the ceremony to start.

Libby was busy, busy the entire time! Thank heavens we had family there to keep her entertained!

Jared's family cheerleaders!

Hooray!!! We're so proud of you, Jared!
Now go out and find a kick-butt job so I can stay home with that cute baby pictured above! ;)

In other "graduate news" my little brother, Elliott, graduated from Alta High and Seminary this week!!!

Woot Woot!


pollydove said...

YAY! A BIG, FAT WOOT WOOT to both of them!!!! I love that first picture of Jared and his friend who is noticing the camera! I hope he finds a "kick butt" job too my Bug! Libby would love that sooooo much!!! xoxoxox

Michelle Elkins said...

yaaay! Let's hope he finds a job ASAP! come to Michigan! ha

Shan @ Design Gal said...

Go Juh-ray-ray! Congrats on getting the H out of college- and with a degree none the less! ;)