Wednesday, May 25, 2011

oh how i love this performance

This should be a follow up New York post but, I couldn't resist sharing this video!

I think I need to start everyday watching it. I can't even believe Carrie's talent, tininess, skin, hair, dress. Ohmuhgash! And Vince Gill! Come on!!! Best thing I've watched in a long time.

Vince Gill & Carrie Underwood - 'How Great Thou... by Codebear2


Chelsi said...

I LOVE this too!!! I am amazed by her talent and beauty too, she is all around the greatest. Love the song and that she is singing with Vince Gill...Love the whole thing. :)

pollydove said...

She is so practically perfect in every way isn't she??? She must be friends with Vince Gill too because he does so much back up vocals for her ... I LOVE his voice!!!