Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We stayed the night at Little America with Jared's family again this year. It was fun to look at my post from last Easter and see how much Libby has changed. She was MUCH easier to photograph last year! I'm sitting here so bummed out that I don't have any good pics but, it's Libby's fault. She WILL NOT LOOK at the camera, try as I might. Jared and I will be making fools of ourselves and she glances the other way as if we don't exist. *Sigh*

Libby & Grandpa Linares
Upon arrival we drooled over the big, chocolate bunnies.

Libby was excited for her Easter basket that morning. She especially loved the fruit snacks.

See the morning fruit snack dance. They are her ultimate fave.

She liked her little pink car too. She's been taking it everywhere we go since Sunday.

She was a little confused about the movie but, dances when we turn it on.
Anyone else's kid ADORE The Backyardigans as much as mine does??

Waiting in line for the Little America Easter Brunch.
(At least Libby's looking, right?)

When Libbs saw the Easter Bunny, she ran right up to him and gave him a high-five. But, of course when I pulled out the camera, she ran away. Which is why I ended up in the picture and...she's still not looking.

Enjoying the yummy food.

And quickly crashing after it's gobbled up.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful Easter. I love this holiday. Maybe next year Libby will cooperate. :)

PS If you're wondering why Libby's eye looks weird, it's because she ran into the stair banister at the baby sitter's and it's a pretty nasty shiner. Another reason my pics aren't so great. She's so clumsy. Oh well.


Jen said...

So cute! Kids never cooperate, I swear!

Michelle Elkins AKA Mickey said...

haha love the easter bunny picture. And Emma loves the backyardigans, as do i! so glad she likes shows that aren't too annoying. And so jealous you get to stay at Little America!

pollydove said...

Now now, she's not clumsy, she is a toddler - it's what they do! ;)

I love her in her Easter jammies! She looks adorable!!! I know it is frustrating when they won't look at the camera, but in no time she'll be just like the rest of you Wood girls ... I am certain of it!!! xoxo