Tuesday, February 1, 2011

a chair story

You may recall the pink and green chair that Libby got for Christmas this year. Shannon so nicely recovered it for us...and did awesome I might add. This little chair has been through quite a lot...which is why it was in desperate need of a face lift. While looking through old pictures with my Mom (see last post) we also came across these.....

This is me! In the chair!

It was purple with white bunnies when I got it for Christmas. I was 2.
(Note the real burning candle...and that I was 2! Mom???)

After 3 girls loved that little chair to pieces, Elliott came along. He needed something a little more manly, which is why my Mom recovered it in this green and white check. I couldn't find a picture of Elliott in the chair so, here is Cooper modeling the chair when it finally arrived at my house, 16 or so years later. (Then the recover, not the original date. Obvs.) It's gotten lots and lots of use as you can see.

Enter Design Gal!!!

Wallah! (?) A perfect fix for a family treasure!

Libby loves this little chair. She sits in it first thing in the morning, and as soon as we get home from the babysitters. She eats, reads, colors, sleeps, watches Dora, and everything else, in this chair!

She must be watching sports with dad....TOUCHDOWN!!!

Oh yeah, and she stands on the chair. That's naughty though. She's fallen....a few times...and it's really sad.

So, there you have it. The story of a chair. We're happy it's still in the family!


pollydove said...

Yes, that chair has served this family well!!! And even though there are lots of other pint sized furniture choices out there now, I am glad that you are using this one! And glad that Libby loves it!

(Oh, and about the burning candle? You were a very mature, responsible 2 year old!)

Seth and Shayla said...

look how cute she has a pony, she does to have hair. way cute recovered chair.

Anonymous said...

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