Thursday, October 14, 2010

a much needed get away (part 2)

One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting Old Town. Just the girls went out and we visited some really neat and cute shops. Those kind that have a smell that reminds you of your childhood (you know the kind). We also stopped for cupcakes at a really yummy cupcake shop. Mine looks plane but, it was custard filled, with fruit on top that Libby and I had already eaten. Delicious! Libby's face is classic!



The Smithsonian was another favorite stop. The girls were able to get out of the strollers for a bit and play in the children's learning center. (And taste the filthy, germ-riddin' toys.) I was super excited to see the original Dumbo car from Disneyland. When I was little-little my Mom taught me how to press power and play on our VCR (remember those?) so first thing in the morning, I'd hit the 2 buttons and watch Dumbo before doing anything else. I still think it's such a cute movie!


I didn't take my camera in here so, the pic below is just from my phone. I loved this museum. Especially because it was where Night at the Museum was filmed. Good times.



All the sites and memorials in the middle of Washington DC are called "The Mall". We only saw the White House from a distance and it looked so small compared to all the building surrounding it. It would have been need to tour but, that's really hard to do. This is only a few of the things we saw...if I posted all 147 pictures I took, you'd stop reading my blog. And I like readers. :)

On the last day Brandie said to me, "I hope we weren't too boring for you." WHAT? Can you believe that comment after all the stuff we did. It was perfect. She must have been referring to the one afternoon we stayed in and ate oreos while watching Twilight. Well Brandie, I'll have you know that was one of the BEST afternoon's I've had in a long time. It was so good to see all the sites and spend time with family. 

Thanks Josh, Brandie, and Izzie for being such great hosts!!! We had a BLAST!!!


design gal said...

FUN TRIP! I love Libby's face when she's looking at the cupcake! We didn't get to go to the Natural History Museum when we went, so its fun to see your pictures!

Art and Appetite said...

Definitely sounds like you had a great time!!!! Everyone looks sooo gorgeous! LOVE IT!

pollydove said...

It does look like you had a fun trip Bug! It is a LOT of leg work to make your way around D.C. for sure!!! (Aren't stollers the best?) And lazy afternoons with food and a movie are just about the best way to relax too!

Libby is so adorable. I just love that baby! Cutest expression ever of her eyeballing that cupcake - that little garbage disposal girlie! :)

linds jo said...

i didn't even know you went...looks like you had so much fun!

Artsdeco said...

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