Tuesday, July 27, 2010

24th of July

This picture pretty much sums up our 24th of July weekend....poolside and cheesy grins!

Every 24th of July for as long as Jared's been alive, his family stays at The Little America downtown and swims, and eats, and goes the the Days of 47 Parade. (If you haven't been to this parade, you must! It's such a good one!) All his extended family from Mom and Dad's side come to Little America. From Colorado, Grantsville, and all the locals too. As the fun "staycation" came to a close, I said to Jared, "I didn't take one picture!" And he replied, "That's not like you at all." But, I have to admit, it was kind of nice...not worrying about documenting every activity and just enjoying the actual activity. We visited, ate treats, swam, watched fireworks, went to the movies, and it was nice. :) I did however snap the above picture on my cell phone of Libby at The Grand America pool on the very last day. She was all smiles all the time. On the 3rd day there, one of Jared's cousins asked me if she ever cried or complained because she hadn't heard her once. And, she really doesn't. She's a good good girl wherever we may be.

Jared already has a countdown until next July 24th...he says it's almost better than Christmas for him. Almost.


pollydove said...

I WANNA COME!!!! That really does sound like a great time! And I totally get how sometimes you just don't want to have to worry about the camera! But at least you got the picture up above and it is PRICELESS! She is the best baby I've ever known, for sure - just happy to be here! xoxo


pollydove said...

... oh ... and ...

She is in the bathsuit I bought her which is SO stinkin' adorable! I can hardly stand it!!!