Monday, June 7, 2010

ward party

Jared and I are on our ward's activities committee and we had a summer kick-off bbq this past weekend. We can't take much credit for all this planning (we have awesome leaders). Everyone had such a blast! There were 3 bouncers and lots of yummy food. (And a service project of course.)

The big bouncers.................and all the strollers lined up. So funny!

Libby usually sits with her feet up, it's too cute.......... Luke and Megan came to hang out.
Me and my baby.

Libby's eyes are quite sensitive to the sun. Ha. It's good for both of us that she keeps her sun-hat on.

These of course are pictures of the happier part of our weekend. Come Sunday afternoon, Libby had a temperature of 100.8 degrees and a personality that just wasn't hers. Jared and I took her to the Instacare and after an hour and a half (not so "insta") we left with 2 prescriptions for a terrible ear infection. Poor little thing. They tested her for strep throat too because her throat was so red and thank heavens that came back negative. Last night was extremely long and heartbreaking for me. She was so uncomfortable even with her meds. :( On a happier note though, I was able to stay home from work with her today and she seems to be doing much better! And we got a little extra mommy-daughter time.


Cory & Megan said...

poor libby! didn't she have her 9 month appointment yesterday too? what a bummer life. I hope she is feeling better!

ps what's with luke looking so sad in that picture?? ha ha

Michelle Elkins said...

Being sick is no fun!!! Emma and I will be out there this time next month!!!

pollydove said...

Isn't it amazing how these little bitties can change so quickly? I am looking at her with her feet up in the stoller, kickin' back, playin' with a cup, just chillin' ... she is so adorable! xo