Sunday, December 27, 2009

oh what fun...

We had a very Merry Christmas this year. Libby was so much fun and actually got into it more than I thought she would. She loved loved loved the wrapping paper (just like big bro, Coop).
We celebrated first with my Mom and siblings (minus Elliott & Soph who were in Washington w/ Dad). Libby may be sleeping now but, she did wake up for present time....
Thanks Gramma for my "sleep sheep"! It's so cutie and has helped me fall fast asleep for 4 nights now!
Cooper always loves the gifts and knows to wait until it's time to open them...and then he digs in.
Christmas morning at Jared's parents house.
Libby's eyeballing her 1st present. Ha.

I guess all the excitement was a lot for my little girl. She was falling back asleep before the festivities were even over.

Libby LOVES to read and I'm pretty sure all the new books she got are at the top of her best Christmas present list. That and the cute new Christmas dress she has on.

Hope everyone's Holiday was great!
We sure missed our out-of-town family this year....see you all soon!

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pollydove said...

I love your pictures McCall! They really capture the day! I sure had fun with you guys ... especially with it being little Libster's first Christmas!

And the Coopster was hilarious!

GOO times!!! xoxo